While I was refactoring my MarcTV Theme from scratch I realized that many features of my theme are a too heavy to be put into the functions.php. So I removed the code from there and packed them into stand-alone wp plugins. Now I release them to the public for everyone to use. All plugins can be downloaded directly in WordPress by searching for „MarcTV“ in the official plugin repository

MarcTV Moderate Comments

Trash and moderate comments in the frontend with the power of AJAX by one click.
Download MarcTV Moderate Comments – wordpress.org

MarcTV Video Embed

Embed youtube by just adding a css class to a link which points to the url of a video page. Implements Google Analytivs Tracking for Videos. 

Download MarcTV jQuery Video Embed– wordpress.org

MarcTV Twitch Status

Adds an „Live!“ item to the primary menu if the selected twitch tv channel is actively broadcasting.

Download MarcTV Twitch Status – wordpress.org

and many more plugins!


All my plugins are being used in my blog and thus are compatible with WP Minify and WP Cache. They are developed under GPL2 using phpStorm and MAMP and deployed with svn.wp-plugins.org. You are able to update them from within wordpress itself whenever there will be a new version available. This procedure makes it quite easy for me to maintain my own blog and keep everything up-to-date. I am able to de-activate these feature if I don’t need them anymore.

Stay tuned for more marctv plugins and theme releases to come.

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  1. Ich habe das Plug-In seit kurzem auf meinen Blog. Der Blog ist auf ein Spiel basiert, welches auch ein Achievement System. Es macht sich Super! Eine Frage habe ich nun, habe schon etwas rumprobiert.
    Unterstützt das Plugin einen Zeilenumbruch bei längeren Texten im Achievementfeld?
    Längere Texte scheinen etwas eingeschränkt zu sein.


    1. Hi!

      Schön, dass Du dich hier meldest. Ja, mit längeren Texten hat mein Plugin anscheinend Probleme. Die Grafik gibt auch einfach nicht mehr Platz her. Man könnte es zweispaltig laufen lassen aber meiner Meinung nach sollte so ein Text so kurz wie möglich sein, damit er seine Wirkung erzielt.

      Statt „Das BG ist kein Pwnyhof, und du bist net de Wendy“ würde ich auch irgendwas schreiben, was auch wirklich eine Achievement-Meldung sein könnte wie:

      „Das Pwny gebändigt“ oder etwas in der Art.

      Wenn ich mal wieder einen neuen Release machen, dann sorge ich dafür, dass längere Texte nicht über das Logo ragen.

  2. Hi Marc,

    danke für Deine WordPress Plugins. Ich nutze nun in meinem Blog die MarcTV Flickr Bar, die MarcTV jQuery Colorbox und die MarcTV Comment Quicktags. Klappt alles prima! 1A.

  3. I’m fairly new to WordPress. I installed and love your MarcTV XBOX 360 Voice Blog plugin!

    Dumb question on „MarcTV Flickr Bar“ plugin: How do I get it to work on a page? I’ve installed, activated, and edited the init file. I tried adding the following into a template, but nothing shows up:

    Sorry for my ignorance. Thanks!

    1. Oooops… I can’t show PHP in a comment. (Regarding above.)

      Basically, I tried the following function calls in a template:
      add_action(‚wp_print_styles‘, ‚marctv_flickr_bar_scripts‘);

      But the Flickr Bar images do not display. Do you have suggestions? Thanks,

    2. Hi Gwen,

      you only need div with the Id or class which is referenced in the init js file:

      div Id=“marctvflickrbar“

      (but the < and > and so on. It is described in the reader with the plugin…)

    3. Thanks, Marc. But when you say „as described in the reader“… the only thing I see is the readme.txt file which has the following instructions:

      * Install plugin
      * Activate it
      * edit jquery.marctv-flickr-bar-init according to your needs
      * optional: install marctv-jquery-colorbox plugin to open images in a lightbox

      Am I missing some additional instructions somewhere?
      Thanks again for your reply.

    4. And I got it to work :)
      Like you said, just an empty div element (no content between the start and end div tags), with the div id=“marctvflickrbar“

      Looks great. Thanks for some great plugins!

  4. Hi Marc,
    I love your MarcTV XBOX 360 Voice Blog plugin.

    Is there a way to display the blog in a „WordPress page“, rather than as a widget in the sidebar?

    1. OK.. I see how to do it! I finally upgraded to the latest version of your MarcTV XBOX 360Voice Blog plugin… and you have excellent notes in your readme.txt

      I will try following those instructions.

      Thanks again,

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