While I was refactoring my MarcTV Theme from scratch I realized that many features of my theme are a too heavy to be put into the functions.php. So I removed the code from there and packed them into stand-alone wp plugins. Now I release them to the public for everyone to use. All plugins can be downloaded directly in WordPress by searching for „MarcTV“ in the official plugin repository

MarcTV Moderate Comments

Trash and moderate comments in the frontend with the power of AJAX by one click.
Download MarcTV Moderate Comments – wordpress.org

MarcTV Video Embed

Embed youtube by just adding a css class to a link which points to the url of a video page. Implements Google Analytivs Tracking for Videos. 

Download MarcTV jQuery Video Embed– wordpress.org

MarcTV Twitch Status

Adds an „Live!“ item to the primary menu if the selected twitch tv channel is actively broadcasting.

Download MarcTV Twitch Status – wordpress.org

and many more plugins!


All my plugins are being used in my blog and thus are compatible with WP Minify and WP Cache. They are developed under GPL2 using phpStorm and MAMP and deployed with svn.wp-plugins.org. You are able to update them from within wordpress itself whenever there will be a new version available. This procedure makes it quite easy for me to maintain my own blog and keep everything up-to-date. I am able to de-activate these feature if I don’t need them anymore.

Stay tuned for more marctv plugins and theme releases to come.

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  1. Marc, is it possible to add a button to the comment quicktags plugin? I’d like to add an img button.

    1. Hi!

      In the near future I will try to implement some kind of configuration. For now you are able to add an image button by changing this line:

      buttons: „link,em,strong“


      buttons: „link,em,strong,img

      in marctv_quicktags.js in your plugin directory.

      But I intentionally decided to exclude the usage of the img tag because I don’t want the users to embed images in the comment field.

    2. Thanks a lot. Nothing additional will be required? I’ll try this out when I get a chance.

  2. Mark, quick suggestion to prevent loading on NON commentable pages:

    The function is wrapped with a check for if comments are open AND the page is a singular page (ie page, post, CPT, attachment – basically a page that would have comments).

    Tested on my 3.3 and 3.4 installs. Works lovely!

    (Also thank you for this!)

    1. Hi!

      Thank you very much! I will implement this fix in the next release. Cheers!


  3. Greetings,

    This plugin should serve my needs well, as I’ve been looking for a way to show when I’m live on Twitch. My issue is that I have two menus – one on the very top of the site and another for the categories. I would like the Live! notification on the very „top nav“ so what does the jQuery need to point to?

    1. Hi Marcus,

      in your case try to use just `#category_mobile_menu` in the config menu. This is the ID of your html list.

    2. Yes, in the wordpress backend you will find a menu entry called „Twitch Status“. You can put that jQuery selector there.

    3. it hasn’t. I updated the plugin and referred to leaving it blank for default, but nothing still.

    4. Alright, after a cache refresh it did indeed work!!! Thank you so much :)

  4. Hallo Marc,
    wir würden gerne unseren Twitch Status in der oberen Navigation neben der Gamer Area anzeigen lassen. Welcher Code müsste dafür in die jQuery selector Zeile einfügen?

    Danke und Grüße

    1. Probier mal


      Und lösch sonst alles raus. Ihr habe da irgendwie ein sehr angepasstes Theme.

    2. Huhu,

      das hatten wir glaube ich auch schon probiert, funktioniert leider nicht :( Ansonsten muss doch der Progger ran… Hast du evtl. ein Code zum manuellen einbinden?
      Danke und Grüße

    3. Ist euer Kanal den online? Es dauert ggf. ein paar Minuten bis die API dann etwas zurückmeldet. Denn das müsste funktionieren. Sonst einmal auf das normale StandardTheme (twenty seventeen) wechseln und gucken, ob es da geht.

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