Int. Spring Academy 2006

Right now I am near Flensburg in Quern in my role as the assistant of Fabio Magnifico at the International Summer Academy RIVERS AND TIDES in Scheersberg. It is the same academy I participated in as I did International Autumn Academy in Oerlinghausen.

Germany and Poland

Students from Germany and Poland are working together in workshops with different topics like land art, painting, photography, cabaret and video. The german students mainly consists of the Fine Arts & Music department of the University of Bielefeld. Because I work as a assistant for Fabio Magnifco at the University of Bielefeld for »Vorsicht Dreharbeiten!« I was asked to join the team of the video group like I did last year.

The baltic sea is only a few minutes by car away from Quern.

I have to write this article in English because we will use this blog as a live media for communication in the group. The students in the film group will answer the questions through the comment feature of this blog. If my visitors would like to participate with interesting comments feel free to do so. But in english please.


  1. If it would be the task to start with the film now, what would be your idea for the story?
  2. What locations do we need for our film?
  3. How many workgroups do we require?
  4. What role do you want to play?
  5. What equipment is necessary?


There is an actor- and a backstage group. We traveled to many different locations to record the beautiful pictures we needed to fullfil our visions of the film.

We used very unusal ways to move the camera.
We used very unusual ways to move the camera.

Sometimes this was a even a dangerous job because of the lights we had in this room. We used over 2400 Watts to light up the scenes properly and because of that we had a little accident.

This is the result of to many power on a power plug. The left metal stick is missing!
This is the result of to many power on a power plug. The left metal stick is missing!
  1. In which production group did you participate?
  2. What has been your work today?


  1. What has to be done before we are able to edit the film?
  2. How did the workflow changed during this procedure?

The answers will be written down in the comments by the students from Germany and Poland. The next questions and information will follow shortly.

The day after

The first problem about being away with so many nice people is the emptiness that remains after returning home. We worked and had fun together nearly 24 hours a day for a whole week and suddenly the former filled rooms are all empty and everything is calm.

The next problem is that it is had to tell your friends about the week. I think nobody can understand the special atmosphere without being actually there. The experience can not be discribed with words and at least for me I can tell that Oerlinghausen and Scheersberg an impact to my life. This is because of the different point of view to the creative work or perhaps life itself that I received there.

Landart – This photo is obviously a fake. =)

Back to normal life

I will need at least another week to get back to normal life again. I met so many nice people there and had very interesting conversations about unexpected topics. And I think as well as Prof. Dr. Klaus-Ove Kahrmann himself that this workshop is by far the best medcine against racism and fascism.

Thank you for this opportunity

For me this was a great opportunity to get rid of being prejudiced against people I formally misjudged. And I would like to thank the cabaret group for their great show. I was really touching and reminded me slightly to the movie »Moulin Rouge«.
The week had to say the least a huge impact on my life.


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  1. Avatar von Doro

    Nobody? Nothing here?
    Even Marc?
    I am waiting, checking, waiting…
    kind of crazy about this. I will try to do something with my waiting&checking addiction.

    And I am missing for Sheersberg rhythm of meals, rhythm of working with you, meeting, dinking coffee, talking and partying with you. I am just put off this rythm which made this week so specific and incredibly unreal.

    And also wanted to send kisses to Martin Heim – do you have an email contact to Martin? Please, send me if you have (dosiamu AT

    Kisses and Love,

  2. Avatar von mira

    what we can write now after you unique letter?
    but first kiss is for you:)
    second is for Marc for his special text!:)
    third for Fabio, calendar is beautiful…
    uninfinity quantity kisses is for you All – special theam from Scheersberg, Anna, Neli, Iwonka, Joasia & Detlev:)

    what a shity life whithout you:(

  3. Avatar von Doro


  4. Avatar von Iwona

    Thank You Mirka:)

    That’s nice of You:)

  5. Avatar von Doro

    Cake and coffee time is now!

  6. Avatar von fabio

    I am little bit late for coffee!
    It is really extremly hard to get NORMAL!

    I can search for martin’s email!

    am 14th july 2006 is „Drive In“ hier in Bielefeld!!!

  7. Avatar von Iwona

    14th july? I’ll think about it… ;)

  8. Avatar von Nelly

    Hello everybody!

    I still remember the last week and can`t realized that the workshop is over now:-(

    Ivona why do you want to think about the 14th july?You have to be here!!!!!!!
    It would be nice if you could manage this coming, i will wait…

  9. Avatar von Doro

    You can also try to come here, to Warsaw just after the 14th of July…

    We have to organize small exhanging workshop in Poland. Really. We should think about it seriouly this time.


  10. Avatar von Iwona

    Nelly, Nelly, I’ll SINK about it for sure ;)

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