Int. Spring Academy 2006

Right now I am near Flensburg in Quern in my role as the assistant of Fabio Magnifico at the International Summer Academy RIVERS AND TIDES in Scheersberg. It is the same academy I participated in as I did International Autumn Academy in Oerlinghausen.

Germany and Poland

Students from Germany and Poland are working together in workshops with different topics like land art, painting, photography, cabaret and video. The german students mainly consists of the Fine Arts & Music department of the University of Bielefeld. Because I work as a assistant for Fabio Magnifco at the University of Bielefeld for »Vorsicht Dreharbeiten!« I was asked to join the team of the video group like I did last year.

The baltic sea is only a few minutes by car away from Quern.

I have to write this article in English because we will use this blog as a live media for communication in the group. The students in the film group will answer the questions through the comment feature of this blog. If my visitors would like to participate with interesting comments feel free to do so. But in english please.


  1. If it would be the task to start with the film now, what would be your idea for the story?
  2. What locations do we need for our film?
  3. How many workgroups do we require?
  4. What role do you want to play?
  5. What equipment is necessary?


There is an actor- and a backstage group. We traveled to many different locations to record the beautiful pictures we needed to fullfil our visions of the film.

We used very unusal ways to move the camera.
We used very unusual ways to move the camera.

Sometimes this was a even a dangerous job because of the lights we had in this room. We used over 2400 Watts to light up the scenes properly and because of that we had a little accident.

This is the result of to many power on a power plug. The left metal stick is missing!
This is the result of to many power on a power plug. The left metal stick is missing!
  1. In which production group did you participate?
  2. What has been your work today?


  1. What has to be done before we are able to edit the film?
  2. How did the workflow changed during this procedure?

The answers will be written down in the comments by the students from Germany and Poland. The next questions and information will follow shortly.

The day after

The first problem about being away with so many nice people is the emptiness that remains after returning home. We worked and had fun together nearly 24 hours a day for a whole week and suddenly the former filled rooms are all empty and everything is calm.

The next problem is that it is had to tell your friends about the week. I think nobody can understand the special atmosphere without being actually there. The experience can not be discribed with words and at least for me I can tell that Oerlinghausen and Scheersberg an impact to my life. This is because of the different point of view to the creative work or perhaps life itself that I received there.

Landart – This photo is obviously a fake. =)

Back to normal life

I will need at least another week to get back to normal life again. I met so many nice people there and had very interesting conversations about unexpected topics. And I think as well as Prof. Dr. Klaus-Ove Kahrmann himself that this workshop is by far the best medcine against racism and fascism.

Thank you for this opportunity

For me this was a great opportunity to get rid of being prejudiced against people I formally misjudged. And I would like to thank the cabaret group for their great show. I was really touching and reminded me slightly to the movie »Moulin Rouge«.
The week had to say the least a huge impact on my life.


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  1. Avatar von Miroslawa Wachowska-Nowak
    Miroslawa Wachowska-Nowak


    How to find good solution when everyone wants to be the winner?
    How to make a competition which don’t hurt good thinking about ourselves?
    Nobody want to be a looser and people afraid these feeling when they are worse.
    So every game brings strong emotions, which are not nice to other people, other players.
    This is special situation, it’s just a “game” but we really want to destroy our enemy, because in this case we can become a winner.
    How this fight looks like? This is curious.
    So, let’s take just simple game…



  2. Avatar von Anna Töws
    Anna Töws


    I would start with short scenes, which everybody can see 4 different characters (girls) the film deals with. Every girl is a typical role, we could see all days on the street. They call each other and make a date to come together. “Black Blend” (time goes)
    In my opinion we see on this date typical scenes from a girl’s pyjama party. We hear no conversation, but we see and know it.
    The music in the background is nice and happy.
    The atmosphere is good and funny.
    The girls make mask, their nails and hair or something else and laugh much. “Black Blend” (time goes)
    The first sentence we hear (after the telephone talking) is the idea to play a game which one girl has: “truth or duty” and at first, all is still funny. But then, there is a girl who talks about a secret. The atmosphere becomes more and more serious and dramatic.
    Now I must think about more stories ;)



  3. Avatar von Dorota Murzynowska
    Dorota Murzynowska


    The main thing to do now is finding the characters of our 4 heroes (female of Heroes ;) and finding the way to show their changing relationship. We still have a basic idea, without details and dialogs.



  4. Avatar von Nelly Haman
    Nelly Haman

    I think we are on the best way to fulfil our idea. Now we have to make a storyboard and to think about the dialogs. Today the girls practised the game we want to play in our film. It`s very nice atmosphere here.

    Iwona just told about our work after filming the last scenes. We captured all useful scenes for our film to the hard disk of the computer.


  5. Avatar von Iwona Gugala
    Iwona Gugala


    Actually, we had idea with a woman that win the cosmetic therapy/ little operation after she made a crossword in a magazine (so she become a winner) but after this beauty renew she find herself uglier and scary- the therapy is finished with dramatic result. ( so she become a loser..)
    But the resent concept is about 4 “girl-friends”……;)
    We are on the way

    Well, although is midnight, my duty is to write something down…
    Ad.1 We started from our work room- I mean the place where the main action is played, tomorrow morning we will have finished making film in this place and we’ll move outside to make some sequences.
    Ad.2 Actually we are one team and we work together right now, but we have a group of good actresses and group of technicians (camera operators, light operators, sound keepers, piece of advice givers and so on) and of course director (Fabio & Marc, I’ll kill you…;)
    Ad.3 At the beginning I was ready to become a good camera operator because of the experience I had had before (Oerlinghausen) but suddenly our leaders made a joke to me… ;) I’m a director.
    Ad.4 oh Holly Klappe, there are lots of things we need, I’m not able to remember all this stuff at this moment…
    I’m going to sleep because it was hard work day…:)

    We started with my very ambitious assistants Nelly & Marc (I love both of you!!) working’ in Adobe Premiere (chose the best scenes and capture them). They were very patient for me and I do appreciate their cup of real coffee they sacrificed for me and for this film… But we successfully finished it! (didn’t we..?)
    Nelly, Marc, how about the bonus? ;)
    And our actresses are very professional and they do their best! It’s hard work, I have already tried walking in their shoes and now I know that it isn’t such easy job as it seems

    Well, I must admit this day of making film was the funniest and… the most dangerous for my life… the bee has attack me, I have almost broken my legs and almost fallen down into the see… It’s almost the miracle that now I’m here writing – not standing alone on the scaffold like stupid bloody Mary looking at the horizon of the sea for all day… ;)
    Because of the today’s funny and spontaneous situations and ideas we have to think over again about what kind of film we would like to finally have… We started with psychological thriller but we can also make a black comedy…
    And right now, when the biggest half of group ;) is baking the bread, Anna and Nelly are editing the film and there’s a lot of work done.
    But today we don’t have to be so serious- because of the Doro’s birthday and Fabiolou’s Namenstag

  6. Avatar von Joanna Mikulska
    Joanna Mikulska


    I think that the best way to find an idea of the film is the brain storm. Because of we have group of people – 9 persons and everybody has his own view of the film plot. So in the last evening we tried to play some funny game and after started hard discussion, and in the half past one in the morning we finished. Our film has the title “Truth or duty” like this game before our yesterday brain storm had, so now we are arranging the details



  7. Avatar von Iwona

    Hallo VV Team!
    I have already arrived (finally), it’s 15:50 but I’m still with my mind and heart in Scheersberg.. :) so sad about this fact.. It was extremaly The Best Vulgar Vodka Vacation in my life! I would like to thank You all for your work and joy we had together. Nelly, Anna, Joanka, Mirka, Doro, Fabio, Marc- I believe it wasn’t the last time we’ve met. I’m very impressed of Marc’s site- You are so fast Marc!
    I’ve got a business to Detlef- could somebody tell him I would like to ask him is it possible to get his backstage film on dvd- because actually I havent’n seen this (I was standing behind the scenes praying for not to spill the pills ;))
    Anna, You’re great one, thanx for chocolate:)
    Nelly, sank you a lot for time we’ve spent together, it was a pleasure for me:) I sink Oerlinghausen is possible;))) sank you for bringing me coffees and cakes:)
    Mira, Johanka, Doro, Anna- cool and jazzy actresses!
    Fabio- the biggest joker I’ve ever met!I will never forget the 5 minutes….
    and Marc- technic professional that panics everytime he sees the NURSE.. I have no idea why…;)

    Write my e-mail whoever wants to!

    Big kisses for YOU all and HUGE HUGS!!!

  8. Avatar von Iwona

    Of course I made a mistake- it should be:

  9. Avatar von fabio

    It is really really beautifull work with you! we made a good film, we had much fun and I hope you could learn something!
    I feel that I got also much energy and love from you, and I hope you could feel my love for you!
    see you soon (maybe in november, or maybe sooner, or maybe the 14th of July in Bielefeld!)

    the nurse is really cool!

  10. Avatar von Doro

    To all my German Friends!

    Last week in Sheersberg with you all there has happened very important event to me, and not only for me. It seldom occurse that so many people in one moment can feel so special and strong emotions. But it was really like this. This is not a joke.
    I think it occurred so because of many reasons – our task or even combat mission to come up to the expectations of our Great Organizer prof. Klaus-Ove Kahrmann and also other people there, because of our strong desire to make really good work in VIDEO group, because our will to work together one more time, and because of beautiful memories from Oerlinghausen (Last Autumn Academy) one more time we wanted bring them real with this magic week.
    Possibly (I even know it’s the truth) this time result of our work there wasn’t so spectacular and great at the end, but it is not the most important thing of our profound and unforgettable experiences we get from this work. And it is not bad to feel such things.
    After this short week with you and with our mission to create world from the very biginning to very end I feel excited and full of energy. BUT you have to know also this special week was really emotional and changed many things in our minds. It was happend especially because of Fabio, Anna, Marc, Detlev, Nelly and many other people – just because of relationships beetween us. This was the most important.
    When we were (three spice girls: Mirka, Ania and me) on our way back through Hamburg and talking about what was happened during this week, we’ve just burst into tears all together. A bit funny, but it was really honestly.
    Now I am trying to find myself in the normal life again here in Warszawa. Many of us have same problem now I think. But all has happened was worth of today’s suffering and missing.

    Thank you very much!

    PS sorry for so personal letter. It was just moving time for me. I feel better after all I’ve written here.

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