Int. Autumn Academy 2006 „Mood Indigo“

Fabio Magnifico and me were again invited to participate in the International Autumn Academy this year in Oerlinghausen in the position of leaders of the video workshop for one week. We also had a meeting room which suited our needs very well: the chapel.

Mood Indigo

Poland and Germany became a huge step closer to each other after this week.

This was my third participation in the International Academy in a row. The topic was „Mood Indigo“ after the famous jazz song »Mood Indigo« of Duke Ellington. But in our video group, we had the topic “game over”. The workshop-groups consist of mostly students from poland, austria and germany. For more information about the academy in general and the specific workshops please refer to my former articles about the International Autumn Academy 2005 and International Spring Academy 2006.

Joint venture

This time everything was different in the video workshop. Instead of only one approx. five-minute movie, we had two short movies and one making of video in the end. New was the participation of some students from my bachelor studies called »media informatics and design«. This fitted extremely well into the group of mainly students from the »department of fine arts and music« at the university of Bielefeld.

Most parts of the music for the two short movies was done by Felipe Vila São Marcos.

„Blind Date“ and „The Last Supper“

Last but not least we present the making of Mood Indigo 2006 for everybody to enjoy. The final movies „Blind Date“ and „The Last Supper“ will be shown at the UniVideoMagazin 2007 on February the 9th at the Ringlokschuppen. I want to add that I am very sorry that I left a day earlier because I got ill. Because of my health condition, I forgot to say goodbye to all the nice people. I enjoyed my stay with you all and it was great fun. I hope we will meet again in Scheersberg?!

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13 Antworten zu „Int. Autumn Academy 2006 „Mood Indigo““

  1. Avatar von Felix

    First Post ;-)

    Yes, it was a great time! Definitely see you in Scheersberg!

    Gute Besserung, Marc!

  2. Avatar von Iwona

    Hey Marc! hellou everyone…


    I miss You all……

  3. Avatar von Marc

    Here is a little X-mas present for you because you asked for it: Emilia.

    I am not mad at you at all. =) I actually wasn’t there when you showed it to the audience. I was still at the editing room. But Nelly told me some details about it. Can you send it to me via email as an MP3? =)

  4. Avatar von Doro

    We hope you feel better now, Marc! You were so efficient for all week… it’s a pity you couldn’t stay with Anke for the last night.

    Yes, it was beautiful time again. How it works? – every year it’s better and better, more and more intensive also…

    Marc, you did very nice job again on the academy – THANK YOU very much!
    I hope we will have much more possibilities to meet and work in the future somehow. Could be great.
    I am really waiting for this.

    And I want to thank you all! It was
    wonderful week for me – I will never forget how beautiful it was this time. And it was especially because of people we had a chance to meet and work with.
    I am so glad I’ve met you! Although now it is very difficult to be back in the reality.

    And I promiss – as I am working on me – this time I’ll try to be not too active here, on the forum (just for you, Marc;).


  5. Avatar von Iwona

    Marc, of course,
    I will do it in the morning for sure,
    my track sounds a little bit chaotic ;0) but it was my first time on soundmontage and I had a lot of fun with it- next will be better :0)


  6. Avatar von fabio

    Hallo Crews:

    it was really an amazing week with all of you!!! thank you!

  7. Avatar von Iwona

    So, Marc,
    are You still my friend..? ;0)

  8. Avatar von fabio

    and what about us Iwona??? Are we still friends???


  9. Avatar von Iwona

    Hey Fabio,
    natürlich :)

    Marc asked me to send him my soundmontage with his funny voice and his very important words inside…
    but, he didnt react..

    and Fabio I hope WE WILL HAVE a chance to talk and explain everything to each other on next Academy.. if somebody will have not kill me before… ;0)


  10. Avatar von fabio

    @Iwona: we will sure have that chance in Scheersberg!

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