International Autumn Academy Oerlinghausen

This time I have to write this weblog article in English because I think that some people from the academy may find this text through google and because of that it wouldn’t be a good idea to exclude these people just by sticking to german language.

Fabio Magnifico and me in position of his assistant went for one week to the »Internationale Herbstakademie 2005«. It took place in the St. Hedwigshaus in Oerlinghausen/Germany which is being organized by Prof. Dr. Klaus-Ove Kahrmann from the »Kunst und Musik«-department of the University in Bielefeld. Many students from the university of bielefeld, all around germany and poland came there to work together in the workshops.

The presentation of the »wood engraving« workshop.

The task of fabio and me was to give an introduction into producing a digital short movie on a dvd with the correct positioning of light, use of stylistic elements and camera angles and perspectives using dv cameras and the whole adobe suite with Premiere, After Effects, Encore and Photoshop.

I hope everyone learned something from this week – I also did.

But this workshop was only one of many that took place in that week as there were also a ›wood engraving‹, a ›photography‹ and ›experimental sound‹ group. Each group had really interesting and inspiring results. For me this was a completely new application of creative power and especially the experimental sound was something I had never experienced in the past.

The final product including a making of and a dia photoshow of the film shooting.
The final product including a making of and a dia photoshow of the film shooting.

Beside the really hard work which was necessary to keep track of the time limit of one week it was a wonderfull time I will sure miss. Due to the fact that nearly everyone at the »Kunst und Musik«-department is able to play an instrument like piano or guitar and is able to sing much better than myself we had always some music in the evening. I normally don’t get in touch with live music and so it was marvelous to hear songs like Alan Silvestri’s »Forrest Gump – Feather Theme« which was also used for the Du bist Deutschland-Campaign, »Hit The Road Jack« and many other songs performed by people who are extremely talented singers.

Even the movie we made was entirely produced without using commercial music. All vocals and melodies has been sung by the students and played on a midi-keyboard. That was amazing and totally new way for me to listen to music. And I liked the funny games we played. Special greetings fly out to Don Juan. =)

Fabio con Castore e Polluce

Apart from party in the evening and at night after the job was done I really enjoyed the time there. At first I was a bit afraid because of the language barrier and how different we will try to solve the problems together.

I expected a totally different way of thinking – and it was true. But in my opinion it worked like a charm and we can be proud of what we have produced together. I enjoyed every minute of this great time we spend together and I would do it again anytime as soon as possible.

The food was delicious. I loved the kitchen.

Perhaps we all meet again next time of Mr. Kahrmann and in the end Fabio let me help. I hope to meet you in February in the Ringlokschuppen when the film will shown to a wide audience. Perhaps we have a chance to… Anyway, as I promised I uploaded all the pictures I took to flickr. I someone does not want to appear here please let me know. Till next time. Hope to see you soon.

Something that is different from videogames. =)

And last but not least I would like to thank Christian that he brought along the beer, vine and berentzen with a preparation time of only one hour. We had fun until 4 o’clock in the morning.


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  1. Avatar von fabio, the ex-chief
    fabio, the ex-chief

    if someone needs the powerpoint-presentation I shown you in oerlinghausen, just write to me.

    I still miss you!!!

    Do not forget:
    09.12.2005 – 20.00h
    Cinema Astoria – Bielefeld
    „the best of UniMaz“

    to Emilia: hammock???
    we live in bielefeld and not in the „jungle book“. what you serve for breakfast: zwieback with banane and coconut?? greatings to tarzan!!!

    to Dorota: I can write here something for you everyday if you want/need it!
    or you can come to visit us, but you can have just a normal bed (sorry no hammock and coconuts!)

  2. Avatar von Doro Want&Need It
    Doro Want&Need It

    Please,just do it!

    ps What is „the best of UniMaz“? Should we (Mirka and me) come and see it?

    And news for you: I have new email. Special email just for You! G-mail.
    Dedicated for Marc.
    DoroMu at

  3. Avatar von fabio

    Hello Doro!
    I will write little bit more just for you before go to sleep!
    „the best of unimaz“ are 10 years short films made from my students and me in the university of bielefeld! You should really come with Mira!!! I will find an extremely polnisch-deutsch translator for you!

    about gmail: I am really jealous, I was inviting you to the great googlemail and not Marc!

    sleep well all of you up there in poland!!!

  4. Avatar von Dorota

    Please! You should not be jealous!!! It is dedicated to Marc, but… I still remember (and Marc) who really invite me! Fabio!

  5. Avatar von Marc

    I want to thank you all of you for what you have written here in the commentary section. Some people asked me how much I payed you for your commentaries. I said that 30 EUR were enough. =) You can write me an eMail if you want the CD with the pictures. Then we can meet at the university or you can pick it up here.

  6. Avatar von Dorota

    You surely prepayed me for one year writting here! I feel like this! (Don’t get me wrong =)
    I wonder what do you think about idea – making our blog here, on your blog. ;) It is already made here.

  7. Avatar von Dorota

    OK. Because you are so quiet here… I decided to make a net premiere of some films…
    1. film by Doro

    2. film by Marc

    3. film by Doro (the 2nd part of Marc film)

    4. by Doro

    5. by Doro with Doro

    Have a fun!!

  8. Avatar von fabio

    a film from fabio to Doro with love!

  9. Avatar von Mira

    HO, HO
    what a blog!!! i didn’t know:)
    Marc! this short trailer is VERY GOOD…
    Hallo for everybody!! what are you doing in snowy Bielefeld without us?! i’m sure you have still fun, because you can meet each other!
    (missing, missing:))
    big kiss for all of you!!!
    don’t forget make this day „polish“ party!(i’m thinking now it’s 30th nov –
    in Poland st. Andrew’s day and the day of parties with forune-telling, full or ghosty atmospher…:)
    sweet dreams

  10. Avatar von Dorota

    Very good Fabio!
    But I am a bit confused… What should I do? Cry or laugh? Now I am laughing! And hope you like me still after those films.

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