London Easter Holiday 2009

The main reason for our short trip to London had nothing to do with a vacation: a friend is looking out for a room in the main capital city of the UK. But then we met the nice hotel manager of our Woodville Guest House who personally helped us with the organization of the difficult task to find a cheap place to stay for approximately 4 months. And last but not least he introduced us to the nightlife of this beautiful city.

Easteregg-shaped Building in London with the Tower Bridge in the foreground
Easteregg-shaped Building in London with the Tower Bridge in the foreground

Culture Clash

The first thing I realized about London was the many different cultures. Many more different nationalities than I have ever seen here in Hamburg. The interesting side-effect is that I heard only a few times a real english accent without grammar mistakes. I did not talk lots of english in the past months and so this circumstance was quite pleasing for me. We met a lot of very kind people on our short trip with only a few exceptions. But on top of these nice people was the manager our hotel: Usman Sunny B. He made our exiting trip much easier and made the big city feel a lot more like home. This wasn’t for sure the last time met each other, my friend.

A fresh guinness beer in a pub in Ilford/ London
A fresh guinness beer in a pub in Ilford/ London

Travel by cab or avoid Stansted Airport

Why is the currency still measured in Pound £ and not in Euro €? This makes a trip like this more difficult than it has to be. And if you ever plan a trip to London please consider the following: The Stansted Airport is far away from the center of the city. This means that you have to travel by train or by bus. In this case you will reach Liverpool Street Mainstation within 45 minutes.

The problem is: normally your hotel will not be in the central of London but somewhere at the outer border. This means you have to travel by bus or train again. This will cost you a good amount of money and time. Especially at 2 o’clock in the morning in the rainy mist of the city. So please take my advice: use a cab. You spent only £30 for the distance between Stansted Airport and Ilford and this ride only takes 30 minutes of your time. This means more time for you to enjoy a Guinness with Fish & Chips in one the pubs.

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17 Antworten zu „London Easter Holiday 2009“

  1. Avatar von Marius

    Nice trip/article! My girlfriend and I are planning to visit London again this summer, if we’ve got the money that is.

  2. Avatar von peter

    mal ne short question: hast du den text von google übersetzen lassen – ja, oder?

  3. Avatar von checker

    marc mit seinem schulenglisch :D herrlich. bitte mehr davon!

  4. Avatar von Marc

    Ok, Jungs. Was ist genau euer Problem mit dem Text?

  5. Avatar von Malte

    Also mein Problem mit dem Text ist, dass er englisch ist :ugly:

    Das ist aber vermutlich nich deren Problem ^^

    Cool son Kurztripp! Würd ich auch gern mal machen..

  6. Avatar von Alain

    Hey. At least atm with the Pound everything is very cheap in the UK. Just be glad!

    1. Avatar von Marc

      This may be true for but actually the cost of living is still high in london. Maybe someone can explain to me why is so cheap but the rent for rooms, drinks and food is not?

  7. Avatar von Jörn Clausen
    Jörn Clausen

    I was told a few years ago, you don’t rent a flat or a house in the UK, you buy one. At least if you plan to stay for two or three years – four months might be a different story. But it’s much cheaper to sell your property when you leave again.

  8. Avatar von Nemesis7840

    Das geht aber schon übers Schulenglisch hinaus. Also so gut hab ich es in meiner Schule nicht gelernt. Und an mir kanns nicht liegen in den Fach hat ich ne 2.

  9. Avatar von Ingo

    Ich bin mal gepannt, wie lange das Video auf Youtube überlebt, wegen des Soundtracks…

    1. Avatar von Marc

      Bis jetzt wurde in der ganzen Zeit nur ein einziges Video auf YouTube gesperrt. Und da war das Stück nur ca. 10 Sekunden zu hören um das es ging. Ich nehme auch gerne Wetten entgegen. Ich sage: 2 Monate ab heute.

    2. Avatar von Marc

      Die Antwort war übrigens: 1 Jahr ;-)

  10. Avatar von Marcel

    Scheint eine schöne Reise gewesen zu sein. Nachdem sich auf den Seiten hier lange nichts mehr getan hat, endlich mal wieder etwas Neues auf Marc.TV. Früher war mehr los! Wann kommen neue Kochrezepte, Marc? Koch mal Spargel!

    1. Avatar von Marc

      Ja, das liegt an mehreren Faktoren. Ich werde aber ab dem 11.5. wieder deutlich mehr und wieder deutlich extremer Bloggen. Dann lasse ich die Handbremse wieder los. =)

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