Export Xbox 360 Minecraft maps

Some time ago we build a huge map in Minecraft with the Xbox 360 version of the game. The Xbox 360 is a closed system and therefore in a few years we will not be able to use the map on any open system like a PC or Mac. My idea is to export and convert the map to use it with the PC version of Minecraft. This tutorial will explain each step of the procedure in detail.


  1. Windows XP/7/8
  2. USB Stick
  3. Minecraft Java-Edition PC
  4. Install Horizon for Xbox 360 (chip.de)
  5. Install oPryzeLP Mod Tool (search google)
  6. Install MCEdit (download)

1. Export the Xbox360 savegame

Plug the usb stick into the Xbox 360 and format it. Go to settings > storage > all devices > games and apps and go to the Minecaft folder. Search for your map and copy it to the usb stick.

2. Extract the map from the Xbox 360 savegame

Start Horizon and go to Tools > Device Explorer and search in Games for „Minecraft“ in the windows on the right. Right click and choose Extract File. Save the .BIN file somewhere on yozr hard drive.

Now go to Tools > Package Manager and open the .BIN file. Click Extract and save the savegame.dat on you hard drive.

MCC Toolchest PE für Windows
MCC Toolchest PE für Windows

3. Convert the map into the PC format

Install Minecraft. Start oPryzeLP Mod Tool and open the savegame.dat. Go to the „World“ tab and hit „Overworld„. Hit „Yes“ and press the „Xbox to PC“ Button and choose a location on your hard drive.

The conversion takes a very long time. 10 minutes at least for a small map. The tool may appear to be freezed – just be patient and wait. After the procedure you will find a level.dat file and some folders containing the map.

4. Repair the map and rebuild lighting (optional)

Start MCEdit and use „open“ to import the level.dat file. Click MCEdit >World Info > Repair Regions. Go to „Chunk View“ and select the whole map. Click „Relight“, wait and save the map. This step is necessary to make sure it will work in Third-Party Tools. You can skip this if you want.

5. Import map into Minecraft PC or Mac

Now copy the folder with the map to these locations (hidden by default):

Mac: Library / Application Support / minecraft / saves

Win: C:Users [yourusernamehere] AppData Roaming.minecraft

Start Minecraft, choose „Single Player“ and select the oPryzeLP map. Since Minecraft PC maps are endless and not limited in any direction it may be hard to find your map inside the big map at first. If you have problems finding your structures just reopen the map in MCEdit again and move the player location and spawn point. This works only after you loaded the map in Minecraft first.

Congratulation! Now you can show the map to your grandchildren. There are many tools out there to do crazy things with your Minecraft maps like the Minecraft Overviewer, a Google Maps plotter. Or you could host your Map on a Minecraft Server on a Raspberry Pi.

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22 Antworten zu „Export Xbox 360 Minecraft maps“

  1. Avatar von JonnyCraft

    Hey, so I followed your tutorial, but it only imported the bottom half of my map…do you know why it did this? is there any way to make it bring in the whole thing? please help. Thanks, Jon

    1. Avatar von Marc


      I’m sorry. I honestly have no idea. Can you at least see the whole map in mcedit?

  2. Avatar von JonnyCraft

    No, its only showing the bottom half of the map, everything else is missing.

  3. Avatar von BiebelJuice3x

    Hey, I used your tutorial and it worked out after some tweaking. First off, download the original version of MCEdit (I used, not MCedit 2.0 Alpha because the older one works with this tutorial. And second, try creating a regular single player game in Minecraft. This game will appear in the appdata\roaming\.minecraft\SAVES folder. That is where I placed the folder of my exported world, and that is what worked.

    Thank you for this tutorial though, a lot of people are convinced you cannot do this. You gave me back years of work!

    1. Avatar von Marc

      Thank you for your input! Nice to see that this article payed off for you

  4. Avatar von dave_drouin.07@hotmail.com

    when i copied the folder and launched minecraft, i could not see my world in world select.. does it matter which version of minecraft to use?

    1. Avatar von Dave

      Thanks BiebelJuice3x! moving it into the save folder worked :D

  5. Avatar von Ben Fink
    Ben Fink

    i wasn’t able to get this to work on my mac? anyone with a solution email me! I’ve got it on a thumb drive but i need it on the mac now

    1. Avatar von Marc

      My video was recorded on a Mac using VirtualBox. Try using that.

  6. Avatar von xxARR0Wxx

    My savegame.dat does not have a world tab. What can I do to change this? And if not fixable, what can I do to convert it to pc world?

  7. Avatar von Mark

    Hey how are you? so i downloaded o Pryzel and when i try to open the save game , it says it could not open it . I tried doing the stuff they asked but nothing works! Plz help i have dedicated almost 3 years on a map and i dont wanna lose it
    But thx for the tutorial anyways marc :) just hoping you can help a friend a little more

    1. Avatar von Marc

      Did you use Horizon to extract the savegame the way it was described in the video?

  8. Avatar von Thomas

    What would be the folder name after step 4?

    1. Avatar von Marc

      You can choose a name yourself in step 3.

  9. Avatar von Jordon

    So everything went correctly, I did every step correctly when it came to MCEDIT and I can see my world and everything. When I save it to the AppData folder, it wont show up in the minecraft single player menu.

    1. Avatar von Marc

      please check the correct paths to the save folder of minecraft in step 5 in the article above. It sounds like you used the wrong path. Are you on mac or pc?

  10. Avatar von ICynical

    So I have everything needed, but my only PC is locked with an admin password that I don’t remember, is there a way to do this on mac?

    1. Avatar von Marc

      I did it on a Mac. But with VirtualBox and a virtual Windows XP installation.

    2. Avatar von yeet

      Yo! So I’ve done all the steps multiple times, but whenever I load the world up in MCEdit there’s no blocks, and when I load it up in game it becomes a superflat world. Any idea how I could fix this?

    3. Avatar von Marc

      Did the save game extraction work without any errors?

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